Startup Meetup – Meet the Experts

Nov 08 @ 16:00

Holland Corner FIL 2 – G764

Learn from the invaluable experience of two Dutch innovation experts and get to know their tips & tricks!

Prince Constantijn van Oranje

Special Envoy, StartupDelta

Prince Constantijn, in his capacity as a Special Envoy of StartupDelta, works to promote the Dutch startup climate internationally and to turn the Netherlands into the most innovative start-up nation in Europe. StartupDelta strengthens the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands, by merging government, corporations and innovation hubs into one.
StartupDelta is a public-private partnership, where companies, ministries, the Chamber of Commerce and the startup community all contribute to the development of a synergetic and innovative investment climate or ecosystem.

Gillian Tans


Under Gillian’s auspices, expanded to over 10,000 employees in 174 offices worldwide. She has been named one of the 50 most inspirational women in Dutch technology. is the second biggest e-commerce company in the world and has only been able to become this by being disruptive and continually innovating. Just like startups, prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture, where failure is needed to succeed.



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