Startup Meetup – Meet the Investors

Nov 08 @ 11:00

Holland Corner FIL 2 – G764

Learn the ins & outs of what investors look for in startups and make your first steps towards accelerating and expanding your startup!

Herman Kienhuis

Managing Director, KPN Ventures

With an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital and over 18 years of experience in a variety of business sectors such as strategic management, business development and innovation, Kienhuis has an impressive laundry list of knowhow. At KPN Ventures, he strives to create technological and economical synergies between innovative companies and KPN through providing capital and enabling access to KPN’s expertise in connectivity, security, a leading network infrastructure and large customer base.

Jochem Cuppen

Global Director, Get in the Ring

Get in the Ring started in 2012 as a non-profit project, initiated by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam, to reduce the failure rate of talented entrepreneurs and potential world changing innovations. The foundation tries to connect startups to hidden growth opportunities and to potential investors. Get in the Ring organizes yearly competitions where startups ‘battle’ in a boxing ring for funding by pitching their ideas.
After finishing his MBA at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Jochem started his career at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, which laid at the foundation of the Get in the Ring initiative, and became global director in 2014.


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